MINFOF and MINTOUL sign service agreement to enhance ecotourism
  • Date de Publication : 2022-10-28

A tripartite service agreement has been signed between the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure, the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and the Africa Travel Management company, ATM, to boost ecotourism in the Campo Ma’an national park in the South region and its neighbouring areas. The move is expected to use ecotourism to finance conservation and also enhance the wellbeing of local population.

Before signing the agreement, the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife who signed on behalf of his ministerial department said the ceremony represented years of consultation and behind-the-scene discussions. With the adoption of the National Development Strategy, SDN 2020-2030 and considering wildlife management, some objectives like intensifying activities geared towards the protection of flora and fauna especially in protected areas, had to be met. Thus, the signing of the service agreement, whereby ATM will manage the ecotourism aspects of the campo ma’an national park.

On his part, the Minister of State, Minister of Tourism and Leisure who signed for his ministry remained hopeful that the deal will be greatly beneficial to the local population. He said the agreement will cause an inflow of tourists thereby bringing an increase into the coffers.

Honourable Joshua Osih who signed for the ATM company did not remain indifferent to the fact that the tripartite agreement will revitalize, showcase and boost the potentials of our ecotourism.

The splendor of what looks like an exotic site covers hundreds of hectares of land. It was first established in 1932 as an agreement between Cameroon and the then Campo Forest Company. In 2000, the protected area and protected forest became the current Campo Ma'an National Park, as a compensation for the environmental damages envisaged from the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline.

The park has a wide range of plant and animal species. It is also one of the 33 bird identified areas in Cameroon with more than 300 bird species.