Audience with the CEO of Skylark Company, Mr. NAVNEET PRATAP SINGH
  • Date de Publication : 2022-08-18

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, H.E JULES DORET NDONGO informs the general public that he received in audience the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of SKYLARK company, Mr. Mr. Navneet Pratap Singh on Wednesday August 17, 2022 in the conference hall of the ministry. The brief but rich exchange focused on the eventual establishment of the Indian company, SKYLKARK as a service provider in Africa and Cameroon in particular, in the wood processing sector. By the end of the discussions, Minister Jules Doret Ndongo made it clear that CEMAC countries had come to a conclusion to stop the exportation of timber but rather add value to them by processing them and sell locally. Thus, the coming to Cameroon of SKYLARK Company is timely as wood processing units will be needed for transformation, employment opportunities to Cameroonians and also pomp money into the economy through payment of taxes.
SKYLARK is an Indian company specializing in engineering, procurement and construction, highway operations and maintenance as well as mining.