International labour day at MINFOF
  • Date de Publication : 2024-05-07

On Wednesday 1 May 2024, the 138th edition of International Labour Day was celebrated together with other administrations and the international community under the theme "Constructive social dialogue: a factor in promoting decent work and progress".

The Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife was not left in the celebrations. First with a round-table discussion on the theme on the eve of the celebration, a sports walk as well as participating in the traditional march

Minister Jules DORET NDONGO while recalling the recognition of the hierarchy shown through the award of honorary titles to deserving employees last March, was keen to encourage his staff to show greater self-sacrifice, respect of ethics, resilience and probity, all of which are the pride of the Ministry. In this regard, he praised MINFOF's honourable contribution to the country's economic growth and the commitment of its staff in serving the nation, and indicated that ways and means should be explored to ensure that all staff benefit from the efforts of a job well done.

Speaking earlier, the staff representative thanked the administration for the efforts made to improve staff working conditions, and outlined their expectations in terms of implementing gender policy, ensuring the safety of staff working late hours, organising a staff mutual insurance scheme and sharing in the profits generated by the sub-sector. He invited all staff to be apostles of a job well done in order to sustainably manage our forest and wildlife resources and generate added value that would benefit all.