• Date de Publication : 2023-10-10

The outgoing FAO representative to Cameroon, Dr. Athman Mvravili was today received in audience by the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Jules Doret Ndongo who has come to the end of his mission to Cameroon.

The encounter was an opportunity for both personalities to take stock of the five years which the representative spent in Cameroon and look at possible future perspectives; considering that MINFOF was one of the key ministries with which the representative worked with during his stay. Minister Jules Doret Ndongo expressed gratitude and appreciation for the very cordial working relation he had with Dr Athman and his team.

Minister Jules Doret Ndongo expressed gratitude for the fruitful 5years he had with the outgoing FAO boss and promised to maintain that cooperation with the in-coming representative for brighter years ahead for Cameroon.

On his part Dr. Athman Mvravili not only reiterated the continuation of the working relationship even as he moves to Gabon as coordinator of FAO for the Central African region but also with his successor who will continue in that light. He ensured that his successor will continue with the follow up of pending and very important files especially that on the modernization of the wood processing sector.