Radio Press Release No 0166/CRP/MINFOF/SETAT/SG/DAG/SDPSP/SP/BFORM/MBFD of October 6, 2023
  • Date de Publication : 2023-10-06

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife herby invites State agents under the Labor Code ,from 6th to 11th category of his Ministry that fulfil the requirements to claim a category advancement of their choice, in accordance with the provisions of the Articles 17 (5) and 20 of Decree No. 78/484 of 9 November 1978 to lay down the common provisions applicable to Static agents under the Labor Code to urgently submit their files latest on Thursday,19 October 2023,at the Sub-Departement in Charge of Personnel, Salaries and Pensions(room 1722).

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