Sensitization Meetings of Decentralized Territorial Communities
  • Date de Publication : 2022-11-14

Awareness meetings for local elected officials from the East and South Regions on the process of identifying and securing the physical sites of the Internal Timber Market (MIB) took place on November 02 and 09, 2022 respectively in the towns of Bertoua and Ebolowa.

The objective of the said meetings is to arouse the interest of the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities (CTD) in making available spaces for the sale of legal wood in their constituencies. This is the main objective of the awareness meetings for Mayors via the various presentations delivered by the officials of the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife and those of the Ministry of Land Registry and Land Affairs.

This mechanism will not only make it possible to have timber of legal origin at affordable prices to supply the local market, but also to increase the production and productivity of the forests. However, the mechanism is encountering certain difficulties because the operationalization of the sites is progressing slowly. To date, there are only 18 physical sites identified on the national territory. Very few have so far been secured, hence the merits of awareness and information meetings with the support of MINDCAF because the functioning of the MIB needs to have spaces where operators will come to exhibit their products. This has led MINFOF since 2012 to look for sites to enable the operationalization of MIBs, the sites of which will be under the full responsibility of the CTDs.