Partnership: New German agreement in the Congo Basin
  • Date de Publication : 0000-00-00

Second act of its kind with an organization. After the development cooperation agreement signed with the African Union, Germany signed a new agreement with the Central African Forestry Commission (Comifac) on June 15, 2020. The content of the agreement has not been made public. But, the broad outlines indicate that it will be a question of developing relations on transparent and equitable bases in order to satisfy the will of the heads of state of the member countries of Comifac. Moreover, a need is expected "to reconcile the imperatives of economic and social development with the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable management of forest ecosystems within the framework of well-understood regional and international cooperation". The act of June 15, 2020 is not the first between German cooperation and Comifac. By crossing the data since 2003, it appears that Germany is Comifac’s main partner. Thus, alongside the sustainable conservation of forests in the Congo Basin, GIZ and KfW, two German institutions support Comifac's development actions. The German presence in this part, considered the second green lung of the planet, aims to fight against poaching, forest certification, forest governance, forestry and environmental training, respect for the rights of indigenous populations, access and sharing. resources, among other topics. The agreement of June 15, 2020 was initialed by Gabriela Bennemann, Chargé d'Affaires at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Yaoundé (Image from the press service of the embassy) in the presence of Jules Doret Ndongo, the Cameroonian Minister of Forests and Wildlife, also current president of Comifac. Pierre Nka