COMIFAC assesses the common thread of its convergence plan
  • Date de Publication : 2021-04-28

Body in charge of the orientation, harmonization and monitoring of forest policies in Central Africa, the Central African Forests Commission (COMIFAC) organized from 01st to 04 March 2021 at the hotel residence la Falaise d ' Akwa in Douala, a sub-regional workshop to validate the 2021-2025 plan of operations of the sub-regional convergence plan and to report on the first mid-term conclusions of the aforementioned plan. This meeting for reflection and discussion on the document raised, in which the Minister of Forests and Wildlife, also Chairman in office of COMIFAC, Jules Doret NDONGO, took part, aimed to assess and refine the main axes contained in the 2021-2025 operational plan of the COMIFAC convergence plan. Concretely, the participants examined the level of achievement of the actions carried out mid-term (2021-2025) of the implementation of the plan mentioned above. This meeting also made it possible to assess the performance of the said plan and to list the difficulties encountered by the various stakeholders and actors involved in its implementation; the aim being to arrive at recommendations which will make it possible to improve, if necessary, the implementation of this plan for its remaining implementation period. For the occasion, a panel of experts mobilized by the Executive Secretariat of COMIFAC and recruited from numerous institutions including the Ministries in charge of forests and the environment, sub-regional and international organizations ... brought their expertise to the fore. the validation of the Plan of Operations (2021-2025) of the convergence plan and provide guidance to the initial conclusions of the mid-term evaluation of said plan. For an efficient conduct of the work in which the aforementioned experts took part, the executive secretariat of COMIFAC, moderator of the work, opted for a methodology that revolved around presentations in plenary and consultations in groups followed by feedback in plenary. and validation. Strategic document… According to Martial Nkolo, director of the “Sustainable management of forests in the Congo Basin” program, the COMIFAC convergence plan is “a document of strategic scope reflecting the common vision of States on sustainable development. of their forest ecosystems ”. For this, it constitutes "the overall framework of priority interventions to be carried out at the national and sub-regional levels to achieve the convergent objectives set out in the Yaoundé declaration on forests" he informs. It is implemented through a plan of operations adopted for a period of ten years. This plan in question was adopted in February 2005 in Brazzaville, Congo, during the second Summit of Heads of State of the Sub-region on forests. It was revised and approved in July 2014 by the Council of Ministers of COMIFAC for the period from 2015 to 2025. Five years after its implementation, it was therefore essential to review it and formulate new orientations. for the efficient implementation of the next five-year period (2021-2025); hence the basis of "The sub-regional workshop for the validation of the 2021-2025 plan of operations of the convergence plan and the restitution of the first conclusions of the mid-term evaluation of said plan" which was held in strict compliance with barrier measures.