Fight against corruption and abuses of fraud
  • Date de Publication : 2019-10-16

The initiative of Jules Doret Ndongo the Minister of Forests and Wildlife is part of the fight against corruption and the exactions of fraud observed in the management of communal forests. The reforms underway at the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife and the regulations in force governing the management of communal forests were at the center of the work of the launching workshop of the Quick Results Initiatives (IRR 2020) by Minister Jules Doret Ndongo for the account of the good governance program. He was accompanied in this task by the president of the anti-corruption unit at the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife, Mr. Makon Wayon, at the same time focal point of Conac. After the presentation of the objectives of the workshop, an inventory of communal forestry in Cameroon (28 active forests in total) by Mr. Nguimbourg King Richard, an executive at Minfof, came to set the scene before the two presentations by the mayor of Mvangan and of Dimako who walked us through the meanders of the management of communal forests, highlighting the achievements, the challenges, the difficulties, but also the expectations of the Decentralized Territorial Communities. At the end of each presentation, the participants were invited to a series of exchanges through a game of questions and answers. The presentation of the reference themes of the Quick Results Initiatives 2020 was made by Manga Bell Epie. A presentation of the implementation of the IRR 2020 as well as the objectives assigned through the methodology and the timetable of activities. Right after, the participants were treated to a presentation of the objectives of the integrity pact and solemn commitment between the various stakeholders by the Honorable Ndo Angeline before the launch speech of the IRR 2020 itself by the Minister Jules Doret Ndongo.