Limbé: Infrastructure to promote ecotourism at Conservation
  • Date de Publication : 2022-03-23

After the meeting of the Steering Committee of the Program for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the South West the day before, the Minister of Forests and Wildlife played the extensions of the International Day of Forests with students. A few trees have been planted in the Limbé botanical garden. His young interlocutors made an impression by displaying expressive messages on conservation on placards. The inauguration of the PRUESS HOUSE, a shelter, renovated by German cooperation to support conservation education, was another great moment. With a capacity of 32 rooms, including 15 for girls and two apartments for companions, this house is called upon to welcome pupils and students from all walks of life who wish to come here to experience the reality of conservation. This infrastructure completes a dream setting in which there is a botanical garden, a zoo, a forest in its natural state in direct contact with the Atlantic Ocean. Limbé has everything to seduce and be a destination for ecotourism. Who can imagine that with all this it is enough to take another look higher to see Mount Cameroon with all its wonders and mysteries: a national park with a unique fauna and flora diversity. 45 minutes from Buea, the regional capital of the South-West, herds of elephants come to bask on the side of Mount Cameroon at Bankinguili, 10 meters from the ocean. These pachyderms are not always welcome by local people because of the worries they cause on crops. The government must therefore also manage human/wildlife conflicts. As in Mbam and Kim with the lions, Mayo Kani, Mayo Danai and elsewhere, Jules Doret Ndongo was arrested. The working meeting he held with his collaborators made it possible to summarize all these problems. It marked the highlight of this intense visit to the South West.